Server Monitoring

If your budget is unlimited and your expectations are low, we can absolutely monitor your servers today.


High Performance Monitoring

The Performance King

Our low-end virtual machines running BASIC can power several pings per minute while handling 3 to 4 users at a time.

One stop for everything

We can monitor servers...and other servers.

One Stop Monitoring
Worldly Monitoring


We have nodes in all countries of the world. Granted, your personal information is not secure in most countries but we're still better than Facebook.



1 ping per day

No notification for failures

Results may or may not be accurate

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Unlimited pings per day*

Unlimited notifications per day*

If results not accurate, we'll pay for another service.**

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10 pings per day

1 notification failure per day

Results are generally accurate

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* Not actually unlimited

** No, we actually we will not

Interested in pay as you go? Only $1 per ping.

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